Twelve Years of Intensionality

Complete Archive (1988-2000) of the ISLIP Proceedings

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The present compilation includes all of the articles presented at sessions of the

along with the chapters of two books derived from ISLIP'95 and ISLIP'99.
The articles presented at the ISLIP sessions vary from formal presentations of
completed work to position papers on a variety of subjects.

The term intensional programming was proposed in 1986 to describe the semantics
of the Lucid programming language. In intensional programming, the semantics of
a program is an intension, which is a mapping from contexts to ordinary programs.
The term intension is borrowed from logic; it was coined by Rudolf Carnap to express
the semantics of natural language and was fully developed by Richard Montague.

ISLIP 1988 Sidney, British Columbia, Canada
7-8 April 1988
ISLIP 1989 Tempe, Arizona, USA
8 May 1989
ISLIP 1990 Kingston, Ontario, Canada
13-15 May 1990
ISLIP 1991 Menlo Park, California, USA
29-30 April 1991
ISLIP 1992 San Francisco, California, USA
20-23 April 1992
ISLIP 1993 Quebec City, Canada
26-27 April 1993
ISLIP 1994 Menlo Park, California, USA
26-27 September 1994
ISLIP 1995 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
3-5 May 1995
Intensional Programming I book
ISLIP 1996 Tempe, Arizona, USA
13-15 May 1996
ISLIP 1997 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
15-17 May 1997
ISLIP 1998 Palo Alto, California, USA
7-9 May 1998
ISLIP 1999 Athens, Greece
28-20 June 1999
Intensional Programming II book

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